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A Favorite Project from 2018

One of the favorite tattoos I did this past year was a large-scale project on a first-time client. Marie Vergamini is a primatologist currently completing her PhD at Virginia Commonwealth University. She contacted me with a request to have her study species tattooed on her. The challenge was that there were 13 of them, all different. After explaining that the tattoo would necessarily be quite large, and receiving confirmation that she absolutely understood the scale of the project, we set a time for a consultation to collate information and reference and got down to work.  I am pleased to share portions of what we began referring to as “Marie’s Primate Project” below.

Once the piece was completed in late June 2018 (after having begun in April) Marie had the opportunity to be interviewed for an article in VCU’s campus culture blog, Exposure. The article featured several VCU students who wore their love and dedication to their chosen subjects and fields on their skin, and Marie let me know immediately that she was to be featured. The link to that article is below, and all the work is well worth looking at.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you Marie! I look forward to more interesting projects and time spent with you in 2019.

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