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A Brief History of Time Bomb Tattoos & Curiosities

On a corner of Market Street in the historic district of Frederick, MD there is a bright red and gold sign letting visitors know they have arrived at Time Bomb Tattoos & Curiosities. Owned by Capt. Gordon Staub and run with partner Ava Khalsa, Time Bomb is one of my second homes in my tattoo travels. Having a background in the sideshow arts, I deeply appreciate that much of the decor is comprised of familiar items, as well as showcasing tools and props used by mentors and friends alike in the world of show biz. There is never a visit where I don’t discover some new item or personality in a case or corner, and this one of the many joys of guesting here.

Staffed by incredibly skilled and competent artists, Time Bomb produces some of the best work in the DMV area. This has not gone unnoticed by the local press, who show up regularly for photos, quotes and to see what new curiosities may have been installed. The artists and piercers take this in stride, continuing to provide excellent customer service to all clients. Repeat business and word of mouth recommendations are strong, as you might expect.

Local eateries and cafes surround the shop on all sides and it is easy to recommend clients to them either prior to or following their tattoo or piercing appointments. All are within easy walking distance and boast some of the best fare in the area. Parking on the street is metered, and just behind the building a half block away is a multi-level parking structure with reasonable rates and continually available room for vehicles. Front counter staff have even been known to feed meters for clients who are still in the midst of getting tattooed, and it is this sort of service that makes the experience at Time Bomb truly memorable and supportive.

My time at this particular location is always welcoming and different every day I am there. I enjoy the variety of clientele and my time among my MD colleagues. I learn so much from everyone and I look forward to every opportunity to return. I will be back at Time Bomb Tattoos & Curiosities this May and for a week each month thereafter. Please check my schedule for details and subscribe to my newsletter for further information. See you down the road in Frederick MD! Come and say hello to the giraffe, stay for the fellowship and the art.

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