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Traveler & Pathfinder

I travel full time and live on the road with my partner Lexi and my hairless sphynx cat Brundlefly (you can find Brundlefly’s Twitter feed in the sidebar). A restored 1966 Airstream Overlander travel trailer serves as home, studio and sanctuary for our entire family.

You can find me at many trailer lifestyle events across the country, including most of the AlumaEvents (WBCCI 8728) and many NüRVer meet ups. I am a lifetime member of the Tin Can Tourists, The United States’ oldest camping club.

Full time travel affords a person a life unencumbered by material items, which makes room for the vast amount of experience available to those who choose this way of life. I truly enjoy educating people about the benefits of living this way and I have insights to offer regarding traveling while being self-employed and location independent, as well as integrating travel as part of one’s personal spiritual path.

I am training in the shamanic arts under the guidance of several gifted mentors and am initiated in the Alexandrian tradition of Wicca. I seek out knowledge and extensively study the tenets and texts of many Old World traditions and spiritual paths every chance I am given. Tattooing’s shamanic history has always been of interest to me and I’ve had the opportunity to work for a variety of events and organizations such as the Ritual Arts Collective and Spiritfire Festival as a ritual tattoo artist. I am currently doing shamanic Work with dinosaurs, Deep Time and other ancient earth energies, as well as using travel to facilitate large amounts of experiential learning in these areas.