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Kei'Phavian Page Twenty Three

It was my hope to have BOTH final pages up today to round out 2016, but the year struck us again with a suddenly hospitalized friend undergoing risky surgery (she is in recovery with good prognosis), and the need to find a replacement vehicle for me after my 2004 Sebring bit the dust just before […]

Kei'Phavian page Twenty Two

I love drawing this Lammergeier. I really do. I love them all, really, all my important birbs, as Tumblr would put it, but this whole thing began with the Lammergeier and I must give credit to inspiration where I find it. It took me over a year to begin to find the story and now […]

Kei'Phavian Page Twenty One

We are officially three pages away from a year’s worth of Kei’Phavian! I have gotten so much good feedback on this project that I am continuing it at the rate of two pages per month until time and funds allow me to do more. Thanks for your continued patronage and support! People have asked me […]

Kei'Phavian Page Twenty

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me as I navigated the death of my father this month. I did my best to get this project caught up, but there were other more pressing matters needing attention. so I did what I was able. Just need to buckle down and burn a little midnight […]

Kei'Phavian page Nineteen

Due to a prolonged hospitalization of a close family member, I am quite behind on getting these pages caught up. Working on that the rest of this month along with some other pieces in the queue. So here we have the opposite side of the avian coin, those who would see the Makers die out […]

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