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Kei’Phavian Page Seventeen

Second page of the two page spread, which I’ve added as a smaller graphic, together, at the bottom of the post. It was such a fun pair to draw and I want to do more of this type of paired page work. Love the flow, love making it connect, just LOVE. Amid the love-fest, though, I finally realized that it was time for me to invest in some learning materials on how to actually draw birds outside of life and reference. So I took the plunge and got one of the most comprehensive “how to” tomes on the subject, which sits prominently to my left as I compose pages these days.

Subscriber pages will be caught up by the time we reach our one year anniversary on November 13th! Two will be uploaded by the end of the week. Be sure to check your passworded page for them in another few days, and again, accept my apologies for the continued delays. Keeping up with this during working season has been a challenge, but I’m figuring it out. Thank you for your continued patronage!