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The Dinosaur Journeys, Part 2 of 3

When one goes into a museum environment with the intention of speaking with dead things, sans a degree in the sciences, there’s a certain amount of second guessing that naturally comes along for the ride. I came to the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research armed with tacit knowledge, book learning and commitment to my […]

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The Dinosaur Journeys, Part 1 of 3

I would be lying if I told you I walked into the Everything Prehistoric gift shop that first day of Work in Hill City, SD filled with confidence and poise, introduced myself and was welcomed immediately to begin my Work on the Dinosaur Journeys Artist’s Journal. To put it bluntly I was just short of […]

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In the Tattoo Queue

I had intended to post these here, but Instagram and FB generated the desired response incredibly quickly! If those who contacted me wanting these tattooed change their minds, I’ll be checking the comments for new candidates. Thanks so much for looking!  

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