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Artist & Tattooer

I began the tattooing journey nearly two decades ago with an apprenticeship in 1993 in Allentown, PA, then as an artist in the Washington DC Metro Area and parts of Florida, where I gained valuable experience in a variety of tattooing styles and shop environments. I am grateful and to have earned a loyal client base as diverse as my tattooing style.

I am a full time traveler, guesting at a variety of shops across the country, mainly in the northeast and midwest. Cirque du Rouge in Washington, DC is my home shop. Good Mojo Tattoos in Beverly, MA and Sanctuary Tattoo in Portland, ME also generously host me for a few weeks during the year. I am licensed in two states and certified in First Aid, CPR and BBP protocols.

I am an illustrator in pen and ink, colored pencil and gouache and I am always learning more about working in watercolors. I also sculpt in mixed media. I hold an Associate’s Degree in Fine Art from Prince George’s Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Individualized Studies: Multimedia Storytelling from George Mason University, earning a faculty award for Most Creative Final Project.

I have recently became a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and am learning about anatomical reconstruction in vertebrate paleontology for both artistic and shamanic purposes, seeing the potential for deep learning and connection with these fascinating animals.

I am a semi-retired variety arts performer as well, still working for fund raisers and charity shows. Swallowing swords, eating fire and walking on broken glass are all in a day’s work for me when I step into my persona of The Most Dangerous Beauty Alive. I have been featured in Shocked & Amazed! Magazine and am included in author Amelia Klem Osterud’s book on tattooed female performers, “The Tattooed Lady: A History”, which is currently amid release in second edition format.