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Tattooing in Sacred Space in MA

I love working in a magickal shop. Walking in feels like coming home and reuniting with family every single time. I am able to do the best possible work on all levels here at Good Mojo Tattoos, and am gratified that more and more clients are reaching out to me for ritual work.

Not all work I do here is ritual in nature, but the majority of it definitely falls under the heading of magickal. The father and son both getting their first tattoos, both Celtic crosses with protection imagery entwined about them, were certainly a powerful transformative experience. The Pisces combined with a yin yang led me into conversation with a younger generation of theater kids, who gave me hope that those doing storytelling work onstage these days really GET IT on a deep and meaningful level. The eagle and banner on a young soldier heading back to his base the following morning was a piece I filled with my own good wishes and gratitude for the service he and his fellow soldiers provide.

I am able to find these moments of magickal connection in any shop I work, really. Cirque du Rouge has connected me with many clients whose works are based in ancestry, mythology, modern storytelling, childhood touchstones and combinations of all of these things. The diversity of work there is amazing and I learn all I am able to from it. You cannot transform someone on the outside without transforming them on the inside. There is transformation in the doing of such work as well.

Finding a place of grounding and centering is crucial before and after this sort of work, and I am still finding out what works best for me in this department. Working with ankylosaur energy has been particularly effective for both grounding and shielding and this process is one I am documenting as the first portion of my book on working with dinosaur energies on shamanic space.

If nothing else, ground, center and shield is a practice all body workers should employ, however it fits into their worldview. This could be a simple as a long cold water wash of the hands, or deep meditative breathing to bring awareness back to the present surroundings. It could be any form of prayer or mantra, or a focus on the completion of the previous piece of work while breaking down a station and being mindful of new intentions while setting it up for the next work to be done.

My room at Good Mojo is rapidly turning into a lovely space for shamanic tattoo work. My altar will be set up above my doorway this week and there is art going up on the walls. I look forward to meeting new people and reconnecting with friends and family while I am here this season. Please stop in, introduce yourself, or write to me here so we can plan your next tattoo together. I look forward to working with you in sacred space.