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Foodie & Mixologist

I have been a proponent of the Paleo/Primal food lifestyle for a few years now, and though I don’t stick to it 100%, I do recognize that this way of eating is what is best for my body, mind and soul. You will find me at most social events with a tray of Paleo/Primal treats and recipes to share. I love creating sumptuous feasts with other like-minded cooks and take great delight in introducing delicious and healthy food to people who never thought eating this way was realistic or palatable.

I was a professional bartender during the H Street NE revival in Washington, DC in the early part of the millennium and learned from some of the best in the business up to that point. I was moving out of bartending when mixology truly came to be the Way Things Were Done, but I still have my mixologist contacts from my bartending days. They have been most generous in keeping me up to date with the techniques, mixers and state of the vintage cocktail revival that has been so prevalent in the past three years. I work hard to mix cocktail of character that you will remember well. My alcohol consumption is quite moderate these days since I am caring closely for my sugar levels, but that doesn’t stop me from serving an array of tasty and refreshing treats to my guests in my home and in theirs from time to time.

In short, you really do want me at your party. 🙂