Up For Grabs …

Just finished this for a monthly art collaborative in one of the artists’ groups I participate with. This month’s theme was “booze”. And a friend has mentioned enjoying The 13th Warrior recently, so I rolled with it. It’s up for grabs if anyone is interested in having it tattooed. I’d love to do it.

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In the Tattoo Queue

I had intended to post these here, but Instagram and FB generated the desired response incredibly quickly! If those who contacted me wanting these tattooed change their minds, I’ll be checking the comments for new candidates. Thanks so much for looking!  

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My First Deer

There is a lot of deer meat in the freezer where we are staying right now. I am mostly responsible for it being there, though not totally, since I never got the opportunity to participate in the hunting part of the deal. I had been hoping to actually get to go hunting this past week, […]

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