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A Short Introduction to The Body Gallery II

One of my favorite landing spots as a traveling artist is located in the middle of historic downtown Leesburg, VA. Owned by Jennifer Piwowarski and her husband Michael, The Body Gallery II is a second floor space in a building located directly across King Street from the courthouse. This year will mark my third spring working there, and I am looking forward to being back. As you might have surmised, the Leesburg shop is the second of two Body Gallery shops, with the other in Sterling, VA. Both locations are staffed with at least three artists and a body piercer, as well as offering the sale of many original artworks created by local artists. 

With easy and inexpensive parking available in a large multi-level garage just around the corner, TBG2 is in a great location in a very pretty part of town. Multiple coffee shops, eating establishments and antique shops surround it on three sides, making lunchtime an excellent experience for client and artists alike. Even during the occasional street festivals held over weekends in the spring and summer, TBG2 remains open for those clients who wish to brave the traffic and a shortage of parking options.

I work with some of the most consistent, low-key and talented artists I know at this location and am looking forward to meeting a couple of new staff members this coming April. I will be working Sundays through Wednesdays with dates still TBD. Please subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this page to be kept informed and email or use the contact form in the menu bar to schedule consultations and appointments.

I want to thank Jen and Mike for their continued generosity and hospitality. My time at TBG2 has always been pleasant, drama-free and filled with amazing clients and projects. The space they have created is unique and welcoming to artists and clients alike, and it continues to foster some of the most creative tattoo work I do during the year.

Looking forward to seeing you in Leesburg at TBG2 this spring! Come on upstairs and say hello!