My name is Charon Henning. I live full time on the road in a vintage 1966 Airstream travel trailer with Best Beloved and a hairless sphynx cat named Brundlefly.

I am a traveling tattoo artist and fine artist.:

I work at a number of shops across the continent as a guest artist and spend the majority of my time at Cirque du Rouge in Washington, DC.

I started tattooing in 1993 through an apprenticeship in Allentown, PA, then as an artist in the Washington DC Metro Area and parts of Florida, gaining experience in a variety of tattooing styles and shop environments. Tattooing’s shamanic history has always been of interest to me and I have had the opportunity to work for a variety of events and organizations such as the Ritual Arts Collective and Spiritfire Festival as a ritual tattoo artist.

I am an illustrator in pen and ink and colored pencil and a sculptor in mixed media. I hold an Associate’s Degree in Fine Art and a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Storytelling from George Mason University’s Individualized Studies program, where I earned a faculty award for Most Creative Final Project.

I am a new member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and currently learning anatomical reconstruction techniques for the illustrator in order to pursue an artistic connection with my first true love: dinosaurs. PaleoArt is not for the faint of heart and I am thrilled to be challenged and changed by this amazing sector of the arts.

I am a retired sword swallower, sideshow performer and teacher:

I am currently retired from the Renaissance Faire and sideshow circuit where I have thrilled audiences for over a decade with death-defying feats utilizing blades, flames and whips. I do my best to guide audiences into the unknown with poise, grace and charm, presenting my skills for those who would seek extreme entertainment eloquently explained and elegantly experienced. I have been featured numerous times on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and History Channel.

I still perform the occasional show for charity or fundraisers and to benefit the shops where I am employed as an artist as well as organizations that promote trailer travel and the RV lifestyle.

I also give Tasseography (reading of tea leaves) presentations. A social practice amongst ladies from all walks of life throughout history, I present it in an Early American setting as well as Victorian parlour style.

I have had the honor of working as curator and archivist for the collection of James Taylor’s Shocked & Amazed! On & Off The Midway and have been featured in S&A! as well as Amelia Klem Osterud‘s book on tattooed female performers, The Tattooed Lady: A History, now in its second edition.

I am a foodie, bartender and cocktail enthusiast:

I am currently in collaboration with an accomplished pastry chef and another gifted culinary artist putting together a couple really awesome cookbooks.

I was also the original sword swallowing bartender at Washington DC’s Palace of Wonders and Silver Spring MD’s Piratz Tavern. Years spent with some of the best in the mixology business were very good to me and I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from such artists and astute social business people. I am still an avid cocktail enthusiast and take pride in creating cocktails for RV and trailer travel events as well as for friends and family beneath our Airstream’s awning on any given evening.

Welcome to my world! I hope you’ll pull up a chair beneath the awning and stay awhile. I know we’ll find a lot to talk about