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Kei’Phavian Page Eleven

Introducing the Vulture clans and their delightfully unfortunate sense of humor. I love these birds very much and am excited to bring them to the page for you. Much time was spent this past week and the week prior visiting my family and seeing to their needs. My father has been in and out of […]

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Kei’Phavian Page Ten

A little late in the day, apologies readers. I have a parent in the hospital due to the factors of aging and my time has not been managed wisely in light of this. Subscriber page 14 will be late, again. It is making me a little bonkers to be behind schedule so consistently, and the […]

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Kai’Phavian Page Nine

I needed to refer to this page a few time in the past two weeks. Sometimes it pays to have the tangible reminder of human connectivity being such a fantastic solution for things that are troubling us. It has been a challenging spring for us so far, but I am pushing forward with this project. […]

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Kei’Phavian Page Eight

I took all these pages out the other day and spread them out end to end, just to remind myself that this is an ongoing project that is improving with each page I draw. Thoroughly enjoying this project and looking to grow it in new ways. Today’s page is the continuation of the story on […]

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Kei’Phavian Page Seven

The story on this page and the next is taken from firsthand accounts of work with refugees and migrants in Europe. Specific details were generously shared with me by dear friend Cari Naftali, whose blog about her experiences can be found by clicking here. I can hardly believe I am on page seven of this […]

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Kei’Phavian Page Six

Lets meet some more of our avain recon team, shall we? Thank you for your continued readership! Subscribers, you will have TWO new pages posted for you by the end of the day, assuming I can find a place to get my reduction copies made on a holiday. Sorry to be running a little behind, […]

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Older and Recent Tattoo Work

Added to the portfolio today and got to include a piece I did nearly four years ago that has held up beautifully. It is a modern interpretation of Norse Berserker symbology and was tattooed on my client to mark his exit from graduate school into work in his chosen field. His father was present for […]

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