Kei’Phavian Page Fourteen

And so we continue the Tale gathering …. at the Barkley Marathons. You won’t find much direct information on this ultra marathon on the web, but you will find an excellent documentary on Netflix about it. When you watch the film, be sure to listen carefully as runner John Fegyveresi begins his fifth loop. You’ll clearly hear the one of the Tribes, mentioned in this page as being on day shift, announcing his feat and telling the others to pay attention.

Fans of Squeegee will enjoy this page! Lots of positive feedback on this little dude! Seriously considering creating a t-shirt for the growing number of readers in his fan club.

I am still behind on my subscriber pages, between a new work situation and some needed car repairs requiring advance planning to get my artwork to a location for size reduction. Apologies. But trust me when I tell you this two page spread will be worth the wait. I am moving into a more specific methodology with the storytelling and learning all I am able about how to improve this project of mine. Thanks again so much for reading!



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