Gratitude, with Clenched Teeth

I have to remember to be more specific when I ask for the right motivation to pull a chair up to my work space and draw, paint or generally create. There need to be a parameters for this sort of request, apparently. I know this. I know this implicitly. Especially afterwards.

So, I have hurt my back. Not in a small way either. I have managed to pull the muscles that run laterally across my lumbar spine at the iliac crest and the pain is such that the energy I feel rising in my chest is somewhere between wanting to emit a primal scream and needing to vomit copiously. Let’s just say that the electric blanket we purchased yesterday has become an essential piece of equipment in my workspace for the foreseeable future.

But hey, I have no excuses to be up and about and away from the drawing board now, right? I’m careful about what I ask for, I really am. I guess I just wasn’t prepared for the addendum that needed to be attached to that request. The one with a non-injury clause.


Gratitude. It’s what’s for dinner. And I’ll take a slice of that humble pie for dessert as I contemplate the motivation that I asked for and the fact that it is present and accounted for. I would toss out the clichéd “back to the drawing board” at this point, but I’m already there. With my electric blanket. For the foreseeable future. I’m just glad we have plenty of wine to go with the illustration board and the Ibuprofen. Grateful, actually. For real and no kidding.

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