• I live on the road full time in a vintage Airstream trailer with my family. Travel allows me to spend a great deal of time in nature, at museums and exploring the many wonders out there in the world. Click on the “Traveler & Pathfinder” link in the “About Me” pulldown menu for details.

My Latest Posts

Kei'Phavian page Nineteen

Due to a prolonged hospitalization of a close family member, I am quite behind on getting these pages caught up. Working on that the rest of this month along with some other pieces in the queue. So here we have the opposite side of the avian coin, those who would see the Makers die out […]

Kei'Phavian Page Eighteen

Finally figuring out the formula I’ll be using for this webcomic down the line, and it begins with introducing some bad guys. Or bad birds, if you will. Villains are always so interesting to write and their motivations are never petty or careless. There are deeper stories here, stories that I hope will eventually help me […]

Kei'Phavian Page Seventeen

Second page of the two page spread, which I’ve added as a smaller graphic, together, at the bottom of the post. It was such a fun pair to draw and I want to do more of this type of paired page work. Love the flow, love making it connect, just LOVE. Amid the love-fest, though, I […]

Kei'Phavian Page Sixteen

One page of a two-page spread. I’m so very far behind on my early postings for subscribers that I’m considering taking the month of August off next year. This is the time of year when things get more than a little crazy, between wrapping up the work season and preparing for the long trek south […]

New SciArt on the way to IPS/ASP Chicago

Just finished the following pieces for the joint IPS/ASP Conference. They will be auctioned to raise money for both organizations and their conservation efforts in the area of primate studies. GELADA 18 x 14″ Gouache on canvas board COTTON TOP TAMARIN 8.5 x 11″ Graphite, Prismacolor and gel pen on toned paper   Share this:Click […]

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