• I live on the road full time in a vintage Airstream trailer with my family. Travel allows me to spend a great deal of time in nature, at museums and exploring the many wonders out there in the world. Click on the “Traveler & Pathfinder” link in the “About Me” pulldown menu for details.

My Latest Posts

Kei'Phavian Page Fourteen

And so we continue the Tale gathering …. at the Barkley Marathons. You won’t find much direct information on this ultra marathon on the web, but you will find an excellent documentary on Netflix about it. When you watch the film, be sure to listen carefully as runner John Fegyveresi begins his fifth loop. You’ll […]

Kei'Phavian Page Thirteen

Lucky page thirteen, and more details on the community of people and their annual gathering that the Vulture Tribe is documenting. For those of you following my newfound love of running, you may be able to guess with the information in this page and the last what exactly is being Transmitted and Archived. I’ll post […]

Kei'Phavian Page Twelve

These next few pages tell the story of a specific community of Makers. They are the subject of a recent documentary (currently available on Netflix) and their Tales are of the sort I knew the Tribes would be boosting to the Archive for safe keeping and future community building. I’ll be linking to the documentary in future posts, […]

Kei'Phavian Page Eleven

Introducing the Vulture clans and their delightfully unfortunate sense of humor. I love these birds very much and am excited to bring them to the page for you. Much time was spent this past week and the week prior visiting my family and seeing to their needs. My father has been in and out of […]

Kei'Phavian Page Ten

A little late in the day, apologies readers. I have a parent in the hospital due to the factors of aging and my time has not been managed wisely in light of this. Subscriber page 14 will be late, again. It is making me a little bonkers to be behind schedule so consistently, and the […]

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